Athletes measure success in inches or seconds. Winners are faster, stronger, and in position to make a play.

Athletic Republic-Inland Empire represents the culmination of more than 20 years of research and relentlessness. It is a science-based sports training system that has delivered real results to more than 600,000 athletes—from high school and college to Olympic and professional.

The Athletic Republic brand is built on a firm belief that there is a better way to train athletes, a better way to rehabilitate, and a better way to maintain peak performance.

Athletes propel themselves from the bench to the field after training with Athletic Republic’s individualized programs and state-of-the-art equipment.

Bradley Mautz is going to be a sophomore lineman for Chino Hills High School this up coming season. Bradley signed up with us in January and finished our 9 week program. His diligence and hard work ethic earned him a a drop of .47 seconds (5.81 to 5.34) off his 40 time!
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