Our sports trainers care about you as an athlete and are committed to your performance goals. Athletic Republic-Inland Empire trainers constantly study and retrain to reach higher standards. They work hard to generate a positive and fun environment where you feel comfortable and confident to push yourself to improve. Once they assess your abilities, our trainers will individualize a program for you. As you progress, they adjust your training to move you closer to the speed, strength, and agility you want to attain. Whether you are training for a particular sport, recovering from surgery or just want to get in shape, our staff is committed to help guide you toward better physical fitness and overall wellness.

Sako has been one of our more diligent and hard working athletes who has really earned his imporvements. His hard work earned him a decrese in .31 sec on his 20 yard dash down to a 2.68 and a .42 sec decrease on his 40 yard dash down to a 4.72! An excellent athlete and baseball player.
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