Make no mistake: We have studied, tested, and perfected the programs we implement today.

Through our research, using state-of-the-art performance testing tools with synchronized video to document progress, we’ve learned how to develop competitive athletes.

Athletes are tested at appropriate intervals to measure

•    linear speed
•    agility
•    power
•    dynamic stability/symmetry
•    strength
•    conditioning level
•    sport-specific skills

Your test results are uploaded into our Athlete Information Management System (AIMS), which allows each athlete to measure their progress and compare their results with other athletes of the same age, gender, geography, sport, and even sport position.

Running using the Supertreadmill is central to our prorams so we have developed the following comprehensive packages.


Bronze Running Package

9 Week program - 2 sessions per week
1Pre-test session
1 Post-test session
12 Running treadmill sessions
6 Plyometric sessions

Silver Running Package

Our Most Popular Package
12 Week program - 2 sessions per week

Pre-test (speed/3PQ power/agility)
Sprint Technique evaluation and training
Plyometric test and evaluation session
12 Running treadmill sessions (Speed/Power/Technique training)
12 Plyometric sessions (Agility/Foot Speed)
24 Personalized Power/Core/Strength sessions (before Treadmill and Plyometric sessions)
Post-test (speed/3PQ power/agility)

Pre-test and Post-test includes:
10, 20, 40 yard times uitilizing laser to laser timing for accuracy
Pro-Agility time
Vertical Jump test
Long jump test
3PQ Test ( Patented Computerized Power Assesment)
Leg and Hip strength testing


Through intricate combinations of programs and equipment coupled with video testing, we train you to enhance speed, build power, and develop agility.