In partnership with SoloSpike, Athletic Republic developed a unique program to specifically train volleyball players for improved acceleration, power, and on-court agility. Using science-based protocols and patented equipment, athletes improve jump mechanics so they rise higher, with more hang time and more explosive power behind every hit.

Volleyball requires intense, short bursts of speed and Athletic Republic works with athletes to improve acceleration. Success or failure is tied directly to an athlete’s ability to control speed in just a few steps. Body control is essential for the development of ball control which is why we also focus on agility. An efficient player must be able to shuffle, step, reach, change direction, move backward, and jump—all while making contact with the ball. Attack positions require the ability to change from horizontal velocity to vertical velocity and create explosive jumping power. Arm swing mechanics required to spike the ball are also based on power development. Athletic Republic trainers guide volleyball players through essential drills to improve every serve, set, spike, jump, and hit.