Ever since Athletic Republic founder and exercise physiologist John Frappier first worked with Pro-Bowl standouts Tim Krumrie and Anthony Munoz of the Cincinnati Bengals, Athletic Republic performance sports training centers have been the go-to choice for serious football players. Darren McFadden, Shaun Alexander, and Logan Mankins relied on Athletic Republic’s science-based, position-specific protocols and proprietary equipment to improve their game.

Football is a demanding sport requiring athletes to function in various capacities. Athletic-Republic training gives players the power to quickly drive off the line, separate from a defender, and close the gap to an opponent. Specialized training allows you to perform quick and stable changes of direction and raises your lactic threshold for greater endurance.

At Athletic Republic, we take football training far beyond the weight room. Ground-breaking assessment tools, backed by integrated video and performance management software, provide a rock-solid framework for developing and evaluating each football player’s capabilities.

Football Combine Package

8 Week program - 2 sessions per day
50 Sessions

1 Pre-test session
1 Post-test session
16 Running treadmill sessions
8 Backpedal treadmill sessions
8 Plyometric sessions
Weight training
Cord training
Video analysis of specific combine drills

Want to learn more about our Sensory/Reaction training? Check out the video below: