Baseball requires tremendous strength from the core and hips.

At any moment a player is required to have bursts of forward or lateral speed. Both hitting and throwing demand lower body strength, quick and powerful hips. Athletic Republic programs and equipment train baseball players for balance, dynamic stability, forceful power, and speed.

Athletic Republic’s ProBatter® Pitching Simulator gives a hitter the opportunity to face a game-like situation. The ProBatter can throw 9 different pitches with speed ranges of 40 to 100 mph. This machine is a training resource used by the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Texas Rangers, Cincinnati Reds, and many D1 Collegiate programs. Such specialized training can turn singles into doubles, and doubles into triples.

NEW! Baseball Specific Training Program

Our Baseball Specific Training Program is designed to develop greater athletic ability in speed, dynamic stability, and strength designed to mimic the ballistic movements used on the field. We then apply the increased athletic ability to specific baseball functions. Specific training will include hitting, throwing, and fielding utilizing instruction from former MLB players and former Collegiate Coaches. Hitting sessions will be conducted in our facility on our ProBatter Pitching Simulator as well as our new FungoMan Automated Baseball Practice Machine.

Players will learn proper hitting mechanics, greater bat speed, and better pitch recognition.

3-Month program - 2 days per week

24Athletic Republic sessions
12Hitting sessions

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