The Generation II Super Treadmill performs like a finely tuned training instrument. While you run in front of a mirror, the Super Treadmill provides instant visual feedback on your form. Because it does not bounce or slip, the Super Treadmill gives an experience closer to the field, the court, or on the track.

The Super Treadmill


The Super Treadmill challenges you at a level that matches your ability and progress. Working at a variety of speeds and grades allows trainers to observes and optimize your power. The machine‚Äôs hydraulic cylinders can be calibrated to reduce knee stress by 30% to 60% with additional critical shock absorption for any size athlete.  



Research shows that incline running recruits the muscles responsible for forward acceleration at a level that is twice or three times greater. With the Super Treadmill athletes produce more power in each stride, during both push-off and recovery. The machine also provides valuable sensory feedback so you can feel the changes you make in your stride.