Cord Programs harness the power of resistance for sport-specific training.

The Cord Technology


Along with a specialized-training protocol, cord technology helps build sport-specific power skills. Athletes looking to amp up the oomph behind every movement will benefit.


Cord technology enhances workouts by providing resistance to upper and lower body extremities, while building more powerful motions. Athletes see results using

•    SprintCords
 stimulate lower extremity muscles used for running or hockey program sessions
•    PowerCord®
 provides upper extremity resistance to the arms, trunk and shoulders for better movements in sports such as hockey, basketball, volleyball and baseball/softball
•    ThrowingCord
 improves velocity by manipulating the neuromuscular system and developing strength and mechanics used in throwing—from a baseball to a javelin.
•    HittingCord/Harness
 recruits all muscles involved in swinging a bat, a golf club, or a tennis racquet to develop greater swing speed and hip rotation.
•    KickingCord
 engages muscles for optimal mechanics—concentric and eccentric strength—which contribute to a successful results for place-kickers and punters, soccer players, and martial artists.